Adrianne Pieczonka

cd: Dec 2021

Lyrical Echoes

Album cover for 'Lyrical Echoes'

This is the second of four albums in a recording cycle that explores the closely intertwined personal and artistic connections between three musical giants: Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann, and Johannes Brahms. Robert Schumann’s and Johannes Brahms’s symphonies are paired and combined with Clara Schumann’s chamber works and orchestral pieces, including some special gems.

“Chantés par la soprano Adrianne Pieczonka avec Liz Upchurch au piano, les magnifiques lieder de Clara Schumann bénéficient d'une diction claire et d'un engagement émotionnel palpable de la chanteuse canadienne.”

— La Presse
Release Date:
3 December 2021

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